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PtLibrary is Peter Thönell's Delphi library.  The most interesting part is PtSettings.


  • PtActions - Threaded Actions Handler (both parallel and serial action handling).
  • PtADTIntf, PtContainers - Simple ADT's and containers that I often find missing.
  • PtEvents - A subscriber pattern implementation.
  • Ignore the rest, as it is there for historical reasons.


A very powerful settings library.  I intend to make a demo program that show better how to use it.  In the meantime there is some documentation that gives the general idea.  Original idea by a colleague called Gustav.


This contains a settings tree control and a settings panel control for use with PtSettings.  To see how to use this, have a look at FullTest.dpr.

I started PtLibrary back in 2002, but I've only fairly recently revived it, so it does still contain some ancient artefacts (such as a full XML implementation from the days when not all Delphi editions included one).

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